Your support powers our work. Through transparent reporting, we demonstrate how contributions are transformed into action for mental health. Discover the difference your donations make and witness the impact of your generosity firsthand — detailed in every report.



At Keepcalm, transparency and accountability are at the core of everything we do. We understand the importance of trust and openness, especially when it comes to managing and utilizing funds. Our Reports and Finance page is dedicated to providing clear, detailed information about our financial activities, reporting schedules, and fund utilization.

Monthly Reporting

Consistent Updates

We are committed to updating our community monthly on our financial status. This regular reporting helps us maintain transparency and allows our supporters to see the impact of their contributions.

Detailed Breakdowns

Each report includes a detailed breakdown of income and expenditures. We believe in providing a clear picture of how funds are allocated and spent within Keepcalm.

Accessible Formats

Our financial reports are available in accessible formats, ensuring that all members of our community can easily understand our financial activities.

Funding Sources

Community Donations

Donations from individuals, groups, and organizations form the backbone of our financial resources. When you donate to Keepcalm, you’re contributing to a wide range of mental health initiatives, from workshops and events to resource development and community outreach.

Secret Identity, Pidginmoji & MORE Sponsors

A significant portion of our funding comes from our other websites, such as SECRET IDENTITY and PIDGINMOJI. SECRET IDENTITY News and PIDGINMOJI News donates 100% of its revenue to KEEP CALM, while PIDGINMOJI AfroNews contributes a portion of its earnings. These funds are crucial in supporting our mission and activities.

Utilization of Funds

Operational Costs

A portion of our funds is allocated to operational costs, including administrative expenses, employee salaries, and maintaining our facilities. These expenses are essential in keeping Keepcalm running smoothly and effectively.

Programs and Services

The majority of our funds go directly to our mental health programs and services. This includes hosting workshops, developing resources, organizing community events, and providing support to those in need.

Future Projects

We’re always looking toward the future. A portion of our funds is set aside for future projects and initiatives that align with our mission. This includes expanding our services, launching new programs, and growing our reach to help more people.

Our Commitment:

At Keepcalm, we are committed to using every dollar responsibly and effectively. We understand that our financial resources come from the trust and generosity of our community, and we are dedicated to ensuring that trust is never broken. Our financial reports are not just about numbers; they’re a reflection of our commitment to our mission, our respect for our donors, and our dedication to the mental health of our community

Stay Informed:

We encourage our community to stay informed about our financial activities. If you have any questions, suggestions, or need further information about our financial reports, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Your input and support are invaluable in helping us maintain the highest standards of transparency and accountability.

Together, we’re creating a world that values mental health, and every contribution helps us move closer to that goal. Thank you for being a part of the Keepcalm journey.

Support and Inquiries Can be reached at While KeepCalm currently doesn’t provide direct helplines, our Resources page offers a comprehensive list of mental health resources and external support options. Our organization welcomes everyone to participate in our diverse range of events and workshops, designed to foster mental wellness and strengthen community support. These activities are a great opportunity to learn, share experiences, and connect with others. For detailed information on upcoming events, ways to contribute, and to stay informed about our initiatives, please visit our website [website link] and follow us on [social media links]. Your involvement is invaluable in our mission to promote mental health awareness and support.

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